Super world fit has appeared on my credit card statement.

Brisbane, Queensland 1 comment
Not resolved

Super world fit has appeared on my credit card statement. I have no idea who they are and have only found out what the product is by googling their name on the internet.

I dont know how they got my details as i didnt order any "free trials" or asked for any information.

The charge is only AUD $27.38 but if they think they are going to get that every month i have news for them.

I have contacted the bank and cancelled my card but have been informed that because i have the same account number they can still access my account and continue to charge me the same amount each month

Can anyone give me contact details for them?



Hi Carol

The same has happened to me, have you heard from anyone who knows how to get rid of Super worldfit?

WORLD FIT - Do not no who you are

Hull End, England 0 comments

I am very disappointed that you SUP* WORLDFIT are taking money out of my bank account as the toothpaste that I asked for was supposed to be a free trial please put all payments back into my account that you have taken out and over a some time now and I am getting fed up of taking to my bank to stop these payments so stop all further payments that you are asking me for. I do not know this company and I never want to I just want you to put my money back in my bank that you have taken out.

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